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3-in-1 hifu for body, vigna, face

Overview of Device

The 3 in 1 HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) device is equipped with cutting edge technology that allows having more accurate sculpting of face and body and vagina tightening. The advanced cosmetic technology of the device can significantly tighten and lift several areas of the face, reduce the signs of aging and improve the tone of the skin in a single session, with potentially long-lasting effects. There are no incisions or major injuries to the surface of the skin.

Ths Device intended uses are only Aesthetic, no medical claims are made at any point This device is only intended to improve the lifestyle of the individual and his/her appearance. No claims of curing disease are made on this device.  This instruction manual provides a description of this HIFU System, its controls and displays. Instructions for its basic operation and other information important to the user. Detailed clinical use of the device is provided separately. The Information in this manual is intended solely for the devices manufactured by Areton Ltd and Areton Ltd’s Clients.


Warnings and Disclaimer

Despite the information provided in this manual the user has to always exercise caution in the use of these types of Devices. This is due to the ablative power of professional High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound devices. Failure to exercise caution can result in injuries. This device intended uses are merely aesthetic, no claims of fat loss are made with this device. Do not use this device on the upper eyelids, this could cause permanent injuries to the eye.


Ablative Power of Professional HIFU Devices

Despite the claims of “complete safety” made by some manufacturers about their professional HIFU Devices, the ablative power of these types of devices must not be underestimated. The power delivered by professional HIFU devices can bend the surface and produce dents onto pieces of hard perspex, this provides an idea of the ablating power of these devices. For these reasons the aesthetic practitioner has to exercise caution in the use of these powerful devices.


Device Main Parameters

 Main Device Size 40*38*25cm
 Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
 Approximate Power Output 0.2J-2.0J
 Headpieces Vagina tightening Cartridges (3.0mm,4.5mm); Face lifting Cartridges (1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm);


Body Contouring Cartridges (8.0mm,13.0mm)

 Voltage Single phase AC110V-240V
 Device total weight About 35 kg Including Casing For Transport

Main Unit Front and Back Introduction

Areton 3 in 1 Hifu Training and Treatment in South Africa

Accessories description

Face and Body Handle with 3.0 mm Cartridge.

Face and Body Handle

Face and body Handle Description

 Item Description
 Switch button Press to fire the ultrasonic shots
 Work button The indicator light will light up while shots are being fired.
 Cartridge Lock Sleeve Locks the cartridges to the handle.
 Cartridges Different cartridges work at different depths.
 Cable sheathing Connect the handle to the device.

Face and Body Cartridges



Detail of a 4.5mm Face and Body Cartridge

Cartridge Description

 Item Description
 Top marker Cartridges Transducers.
 Ultrasonic line lengthMaximum line length.

Cartridges Types For Face Lifting

Cartridges transducer


Treatment Depth

Spots Distance

Maximum Length

DS 7-1.5N





DS 7-3.0N










The picture below illustrates the distance between the furthest dots created on the perspex provided. This distance between A and B can be adjusted on the user interface if required. This is done when the area treated is particularly small live lip area or eyelid area using the 1.5 mm cartridge.

The maximum distance between A and B is indicated on the Cartridge. This distance can be varied by changing the appropriate parameter in the user interface.


Vaginal Handle and the two Cartridges













Vaginal Tightening Handle with 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm Cartridges.

Vaginal Ultrasound Transducer or Cartridge


The device comes with two Vaginal cartridges as a standard. 4.5 mm and 3.0 mm in depth respectively. Usually both cartrides are used in the Vaginal tightening treatment.


Vaginal Tightness Measurer


The main purpose of Vaginal HIFU treatment is to improve the sexual life quality of the individual. Therefore, the vaginal tightness measure is a very useful tool because it makes it possible for the aesthetic professional to provide an estimation of the vaginal tightness before and after the treatment.

Introduction to the device user interface

Click on the user interface to enter the next interface (Choose treatment type). As shown in the picture below there are two visible options, a face, and a vaginal picture.  To start the device in order for face and body contouring treatment click on the picture of the face. The software detects automatically which cartridge you are placing in the handle and depending on the depth of the respective cartridge it selects the type of software required, either face treatment or body contouring. For example, if you place the 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 4.5mm cartridges the software will show you the picture of the face where the treatment has to be carried out.  In case you place the 8.0 mm or the 13.0 mm cartridge the software will show you the parts of the body where you can apply the HIFU treatment for each respective cartridge.

To summarise,  in the case of

  • face treatment click on the face icon and insert the face cartridges, 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm or 4.5 mm
  •  body treatment click on the face icon and  insert the 8.0 mm or 13.0 mm cartridges

Face Skin Tightening and Body Contouring User Interface


System General Advice For Face and Body Contouring

Check if the handle and connector are making good contact. Make sure the cartridge is correctly identified by the user interface Do not place the handle or cartridge on the floor or other hard surfaces, always use the dedicated hook on the unit. Do not twist the handle cable to avoid damaging the internal wires

During its device normal operation only utilizes ultrasound conductive gels, do not use other lubricants or emulsions like especially oils, Avoid damage to the cartridge or circuit.

The cartridges have a memory function, After use, please store it separately away from the magnetic card or static-charged object.

Do not insert objects other than the cartridges into the handle, otherwise the system circuitry may be damaged.

Guidelines for Face HIFU Treatment

There is not hard and fast rule in the way the HIFU face treatment has to be carried out. In general, the higher overall energy delivered into the skin the better the skin tightening effects. This is because the higher the energy delivered the better the collagen regeneration effects.  By all means, certain areas of the face should be avoided for safety reasons. This is because the HIHU devices have fundamentally ablative effects at deep levels of the skin therefore certain areas of the face were certain organs (like throat, nerves or bones, etc) should be avoided.

There are three cartridges indicated for face HIFU treatment:

  • 4.5 mm in depth
  • 3.0 mm in depth and
  • 1.5 mm in depth

The Aesthetic practitioner should use all the three cartridges during every HIFU face treatment to ensure the High-Intensity Ultrasound Energy is delivered to all three depths in the skin. This will ensure the best collagen regeneration at the three levels of the skin.  In any case, please bear in mind that each cartridge can only be used in certain areas of the face, while others should be avoided. Once the cartridge is inserted into the handle, the software provides clear indications of the areas in the face where the treatment with the respective cartridge is allowed.  Also, the Software displays the maximum number of shots per area, but this should be used as an overall indication only.

Generally, the aesthetic practitioner has to start the treatment using the deepest depth, the 4.5 mm cartridge, followed by the 3.0 mm and finally by the 1.5 mm cartridge.

When placing each face cartridge on the handle the screen will display the areas of the face where the treatment is permissible at the type of cartridge you are using, in the picture below, for example, you can see the area on the face where the cartridge 1.5 mm in depth can be used.


The video Below shows you a training session for the Areton Portable HIFU. This is a useful video to watch because this training session goes through the main safety points in Face HIFU treatment which are the same as the safety indications for the Areton 3 in 1 HIFU. Therefore it is recommendable you take your time to watch the following video in its entirety.


Guidelines for Neck Treatment

The neck is a delicate area, therefore it has to be treated with particular care.  The throat must not be treated by the HIFU device. This is because the throat organ is located on the superficial area of the skin in the neck, therefore any ablative ultrasonic treatment could cause unnecessary traumas to the thyroid gland and the throat.


Introduction to HIFU Vaginal Tightening

The same principle which applies to HIFU skin tightening applies also to vaginal tightening. One of the advantages of HIFU Vaginl tightening are low risks to the individual. The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, it causes no wound, no scars can tighten the vagina effectively proving women sexual life.


The sound cartridge will deliver shots to the vaginal internal walls at the depth of 3.0 mm and 4.5 mm. This will cause a tightening of the Vaginal internal walls and improve the subject of sexual life and sexual sensitivity in general.


Key Device Parameters

Maximum power200w
Treatment cartridges3.0mm 4.5mm
Optional Cartridge1.5mm
Input Voltage110v-220v
Packing size69*64*34cm

Vaginal Tightness Measurement Interface


Tighten the switch of the pressure before the test, Extrusion airbag to increase the value, and then adjust the switch of the pressure until the value on screen around 20.


Pressure Value Measured

Condition of vaginal tightening

Vaginal Sensitivity

Under 60

Very bad



Relatively bad







Very Good

Above 160

Very good


Vaginal User Interface



Accessory Picture

Brief Explanation
3.0 mm Cartridge 

The ultrasound reaches the mucous tissue directly to speed the cell activity, Helping superficial collagen regeneration and  increasing overall tissue elasticity

4.5 mm Cartridge

The power reaches a deeper  layer better helping vaginal muscle layer to recover elasticity; contributing to an overall tighter Vaginal internal wall.

Pressure tester Insert the smallest ribbed balloon into the Vagina. Pump and look at the user interface to take the pressure measurement.

Vaginal Tightening Treatment Routine

  • Sterilize the Vaginal Pressure tester with a sterilizing product, this is important to prevent cross infections. Then insert the pressure measuring gouge into the vagina and record the value measured to check for future improvements of the Vaginal Tightness. Repeat the Vaginal tightness test before any subsequent treatment.
  • Before using the device, sterilize and wipe the Vaginal handle and the Vaginal Cartridges by using alcohol or non-corrosive antiseptics. This is important to prevent cross infections. Insert the 4.5 mm cartridge first.
  • Insert a condom to avoid direct contact of the Vagina with the cartridge and handle. Despite the use of a condom it essential to sterilize well the cartridges and handle in advance.
  • Set up the unit according to the number of shots per angle rotation etc.  Select the lowest power setting which is then to be adjusted up.
  • Before inserting the vaginal handle place the abundant amount of appropriate Vaginal Lubricant to facilitate insertion and also ultrasonic conductivity.
  • Insert the handle into the Vagina up until reaching the cervix entrance. In order to do this appropriately, insert the handle gently and slowly. Always ask the subject whether she is still comfortable while you are inserting the handle very slowly, if the client shows signs of discomfort, stop immediately and if you have not encountered resistance yet, wait and continue to insert the handle slowly until you notice find some resistance. Only push very gently and always watch for the subject comfort while inserting the handle.  When you have reached some degree of resistance pull the handle 5 to 7 mm and start the procedure by pressing the start button on the handle. The handle will automatically start rotating and firing the shots.

Basic pictorial representation of the HIFU Vaginal tightening treatment .

  • At the very beginning of the treatment, after the first one or two shots pause the treatment and increase the power level. Ask the Subject weather she is still comfortable and keep increasing the power level up to when the subject finds it tolerable, (this is the appropriate power level to be used thought the treatment). If at any point the power level becomes intolerable, turn it down to a tolerable level.
  • You are supposed to carry out a number of 360 Rotations to complete the treatment with the given cartridge. Once the first 360 degrees rotation has been completed slightly pull out the handle gently. Pull the handle out equal to the length of the ultrasound line (the length of the black part of the cartridge emitting the ultrasound).
  • Once you pulled the handle in the right position, then fire another full rotation making sure the subject can bear the intensity of the treatment. Repeat the process until you only have to pull the handle out off the vagina.
  • Once you have completed the treatment with the 4.5 Cartridge, remove the condom, remove the previous 4.5 mm Cartridge and insert the 3.0 mm cartridge. Wipe the handle with alcohol or other non-corrosive sterilizer and once dry, insert a new condom and repeat the whole process above.

Notes for use and maintenance

  1. For its correct use and warranty purposes only use accessories supplied by Areton Ltd
  2. After use, the device must be wiped and disinfected with an appropriate antiseptic product. Clean cartridges using non-corrosive antiseptic. Alcohol is suitable for this purpose. The cartridges are packaged in an anti-static package, Do not touch the chip.  Cartridges and handle need to keep clean and dry. Put the cartridges into packages for next use after wiping all other accessories using alcohol. In order to avoid breaking or damaging the cartridges, please clean only with alcohol, do not use any other corrosive products solvents.
  3. To power up the unit only use a socket which has active earthing.
  4. Do not use the device close to damp environments or water.
  5. Keep the device away from direct sun exposure and heat sources.
  6. Poor Contact with the skin through the ultrasound conductive gel can cause the cartridges to deteriorate prematurely.
  7. Switch off and unplug the unit after its use.

Notes for use and maintenance

Drain all cartridges of their water before embarking any aircraft. In the case of air transport, it is highly advisable that the water inside the cartridges be drained before the device embarks the aircraft. Refill the cartridges with distilled water once you have arrived at the destination and you intend to use the device again. Failure to drain the water from the cartridges before embarking the aircraft can cause the breakage of the unit due to the water spilling out of the cartridge. This is due to the difference in pressure caused by the altitude of the aircraft. In any case when transporting the unit always place it inside the original shock-absorbing casing provided.

Note: Water has to be changed every 3 months.  Do not need to change the water after the number of shots.


The subject undergoing HIFU treatment has to be healthy overall.  Do not use the device on:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Subjects with Heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism.
  • Subjects with cancer.
  • Surgical wounds not yet healed.
  • Subjects who had undergone  botulinum toxin injections within one year



When the cartridge is not placed perpendicular to the face, the device could automatically power off; in this case, restart the unit and place the cartridge perpendicular to the skin of the subject you are treating.

Ths Device intended uses are only Aesthetic, no medical claims are made at any point This device is only intended to improve the lifestyle of the individual and his/her appearance. No claims of curing disease are made on this device.  This instruction manual provides a description of this HIFU System, its controls and displays. Instructions for its basic operation and other information important to the user. Detailed clinical use of the device is provided separately. The Information in this manual is intended solely for the devices manufactured by Areton Ltd and Areton Ltd’s Clients.