Areton Cryo Gun

Cryo Gun is a beauty gun system that allows performing a shocking facial treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method. The Cryo Gun projects on the skin a powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature and a very high pressure, combined with a high concentration of atomized actives substances.


Key features of the current system:

  • Portable,
  • Battery powered
  • Easy to use
  • Completely safe for home and professional use.



The Cry Gun treatment generates an immediate effect (lifting) smoothing the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines, followed by a skin brightening rejuvenating effect.


How It Works

The combination of the cold CO2 flow at a high pressure and the atomized active substances cause:
Paradoxical vessel-motricity: Vasoconstriction followed by a vasodilatation of the blood micro-circulation. When suffering an intense cold stimulus, the vessels contract and expand.


Cryophoresys and barophoresys

The combination of cold with the high pressure applied on the dermis causes an intense penetration of the Coolifting actives substances and an exponential increase in their effects.


The CO2 flow at a very low temperature and at a high pressure promotes blood micro-circulation;
it stimulates collagen and elastin formation providing the skin with a healthy and younger glow.

Thermal Beauty Shock.

Stimulation of the underlying tissues. Those tissues are normally at a temperature of some 36ºC. The lower temperatures also help muscle relaxation providing an immediately visible result.

Deep and intense hydration.

Home Cryo Gun System

Cryo Gun £980 GBP Plus VAT

Pair of CO2 cartridge and active substance small jar £12 plus VAT

Individual treatment duration 4 minutes