Whole Counter Mode

There are several New functions included in our Beauty-Teck Plus device. But We are going to discuss only the Whole Counter Mode below.  Below picture gives us pretty much an overview of Whole Counter Mode.

Main Features of Function

  • You can precisely and digitally control the timing of the arc.
  • The delivery of the exact amount of energy.
  • The most accurate energy delivering device for aesthetic purposes on the market.
  • The safest and most precise plasma device on the market.

Whole Counter

Whole Counter Mode is one of the most important function in the new Beautyteck Plus device. Nowadays, one of the problems with all the devices on the market is the lack of digital control of the arc duration.

Duration of the arc is one of the most important points in the use of Plasma devices for aesthetic purposes. Because the duration of the arc will have repercussions on the amount of energy you deliver onto the skin.

For example, If you actually place whatever arc amount, frequency, and power level onto the skin for long enough time, then the arc can actually go into the bone.

Moreover, if you have a very low power arcing device and you place the arc for long enough time,  for example, if you place the arc onto the skin for 20 seconds, arc will go into the bone for sure, but this is something that doesn’t normally happen.

So in our new device, you’re able to control to the milliseconds the amount of the arcing that you are going to deliver onto the skin. The whole counter function can really help you to precisely and digitally control the timing of the arc.

Why Whole Counter is important?

In simple words, Beauyteck Plus is the most accurate and safest energy delivering device in the market for aesthetic purposes. The reason is simple that you are not relying on your eyes or on your hands and on your judgment, instead, you are relying on a computer to count the duration of the arc.

With our Beauty-Teck Plus Device, you are able to set the exact time of the arcing and the most important thing is that the energy will be delivered onto the skin by a digitally controlled system.

Why we can’t rely on eyes or hands?

1. Human eyes are not able to count to the millisecond and also unable to see when the arc is ON or OFF. So, you are completely unable to count to the milliseconds and arc ON-OFF timing, but a computer does.

2. When you are delivering the arc onto the skin,  your hands may tremble or move and therefore you cannot do treatment precisely as the computer can.

3. The longer you are actually applying the arc, that means the more energy you are delivering onto the skin and in case of a short period of time, the less energy you are delivering onto the skin. So in both cases, you are unable to measure the arc’s working time duration, whereas a computer does.

So, in short, the computer can really help us to solve these above problems and we have made this function available in our new device.

How does the whole counter Work?

For example- the target time is set at 600 milliseconds in whole counter mode. We want the exact duration of the arc to be delivered for 600 milliseconds and then to shuts it off.  So what the whole counter does is, it keep the tip of the device ON and waits to detect an arc and, when it detects an electrical arc it starts counting. Most impotant thing is in whole counter, it stops counting when the arc is OFF.

Let’s say you have the arc, Which is ON for 200 milliseconds. In that 200 milliseconds, our hands may not very precise or you might move your hand unintentionally, then the arc will shut off and when the arc is OFF the counter stops counting. So the computer counts 200 milliseconds only.

So, There are still 400 milliseconds left to keep the arc ON and again you managed to get the arc ON for 50 milliseconds. Because of your hand may be trembling or due to other reason, arc again switched OFF  for 60 milliseconds.

Because of repeatedly ON and OFF Arc, the computer counts 200 + 50 + 60 which is 310 milliseconds. As because of the arc timing is set at 600 milliseconds, the TIP of the device will not shut off. It will wait for another 290 milliseconds to shut OFF. When you move your hand and you manage to get the arc ON again, If it is ON for 290 milliseconds the device will automatically shut off.

Full Video Explantion

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