What is Beauty-teck Plus ?

In an effort to improve treatment efficacy and safety, The New Beauyteck Plus Device has entered into the therapeutic world for facial rejuvenation, lifting, tightening, and other body parts. There has been increasing public concern about facial wrinkles and slack of skin due to aging. In response to this problem, various treatments have been proposed for the treatment of facial wrinkles and laxity. however, the ideal treatment option has yet to be identified. Recently, ultrasound was introduced as a new treatment for therapeutic and cosmetic purpose. Beautyteck Plus may be the best example of this technique.

The Beautyteck Plus device is equipped with promising technology that allows having a more accurate face, eyelid tightening and other parts of the body. This machine is operated in a combination of Start Counter, Whole Counter mode. The user-friendly manner of this device is very much useful for beginners as well. The cost of the treatment process is comparatively low. The advanced cosmetic technology of the device can significantly tighten and lift several areas of the face and eyelids, reduce the signs of aging and improve the tightness of the skin in a single session, with potentially long-lasting effects. There are no incisions or major injuries to the surface of the skin. Two Main Advanced Features introduced in Beauyteck Plus device.


Beauty-Teck Plus Manual

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The BeautyTeck is the ultimate generation of cosmetic devices for Cosmetic Clinics and Beauticians and it has commercial intended use only. This instrument is really advanced with various new features. It has a vast array of applications and these are limited to the manufacturer’s protocols.

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Beautyteck Plus Device Start Counter

Beautyteck Plus Device Start Counter Application

Beautyteck Plus Pluse Mode Application

Beautyteck Plus Whole Counter Application


Difference Between Start and Whole Counter

Beautyteck Plus Cold Plasma Application


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