We are looking for the factory who already manufactures these types of handles and needles (see figues below). These handles are made for RF Fractional Radio Freqency devices. For more information about RF Radio Frequncy devices you can click on this link. These handles are standard as they are found in different types of RF fractional devices.

The head of the hadle is capable of changing the depth of the needles. From 5.5 mm to 3mm.

We are also looking for the replacement of the needles.

About the needles. Look at the picture below. The needle needle is a whole conductor, emanating energy as the unit is operational. The needle on the right is partially insulated, emanating energy only from the bottom of the needle.

So we need both the non insulated needles and the insulated needles.

To summarise re are looking for:

  1. The handle for the RF Microneedling device
  2. The spare microneddes as neen in figure1 MRF 81, MRF 49, MRF 25. Both insulated and non isualted as in shown in figure 2.

We require the contact of the original factiory (工厂)not the reseller or the fatory assembling the RF micronendlign unit.

We hope you can help us.

To contact us please use the contact us page:


or dd our wechat too 13751757019