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Plasma Devices for Aestheitc puposes

RF Microneeding.

3 in one Yag laser, IPL and Bipolar RF

3 in One body

Unique rental option to UK Customers only.

This is the preferred option in the UK. why forking a huge amunt of capital to acquire the equipemtn you need?

In the Uk we are the most competitive rentalcompanyof aesthetic devices. Some of our devices do not even require a minimum contract,. Only when the cost of the device is prohibitive we require a minimum cotract.


Online training.

One of the major problem with aesthetic devices is the training. This can be confusing and someitmes expensive. At Areton we are the leading innovetaor in the online training sector. Checkout cashity.co for financial help. This is the future and extensive online traning is provided alsways free of charge. This is done through videos and websuites. To ssee an exaple of online training