FAO George Mannouris


IPL Device Design and Manufacture.

Study of the Existing Device.

Study of the Output frequencies and duration of the pulses for each application and setting. We believe this data is essential in order to replicate the Efficacy Claims of the original device. We will require access to the original device for a few days in order to make such study. Opening of the device may be required too. This will be done in order to appraise the basic technology present in the unit.

Once the study is complete we will start to design the relevant PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) prototypes. The design will be carried out in order to:

  • Make the final device as compact and as light weight as possible. This is in order to facilitate   portability.
  • Once the prototype PCBs are ready we will test the output of the device in order to compare it with the measured values of the device
  • Tests of subjects may be required in order to appraise the real efficacy of the prototype.
  • Once the efficacy is proven then we will start manufacture the Mould for the device final casing.

The price includes testing for conformity purposes with a relevant notified body.

Please note that the claims of hair removal and various cosmetic purposes do not fall into the MDD (Medical Devices Directive) therefore the we propose CE marking without the compliance of the MDD directive since this will increase the cost of placing the device into the market and also the selling price both at distributor and end consumer level. In case the European Union will change legislation making IPL devices part of the MDD Remit a 30% price increase across the board will be required.


About the final Device:

These types of devices are very portable and usually include a large screen in them. We propose to install a small screen in the final device. The main controls shall be carried out with the use of an external IPad (Tablet) or Mobile phone. The tablet and the Mobile phone are not required to be purchased from Areton Ltd.

We will  not lock the unit with codes and we will allow the end users to purchase replacements for the unit as required directly from the original suppliers. We refer to the Pay Per Use strategies adopted by other manufacturers, which we will avoid.

Please note that Areton Ltd will retain the all rights and know how of design and manufacture processes. Exclusivity will be granted to the funding legal entities of the project in their areas for at least 4 years in their respective countries.

Total Price of the design and tooling project including all the above……………………………………………………………………… 106,000 Euro Plus VAT.

Price Valid for 60 Days

Time Frame of delivery of the full project 18 to 24 months from beginning of the project. Areton Ltd Availability to start the Project February 2017.

Estimated price of the final unit at distributor level:

3000 Euro plus VAT per unit.

Please not that this is an estimated price and it may be subject to change according to components availability and the

Please note that there are several manufacturers of IPL devices. Therefore you have plenty of options, however we will guarantee that the project will be delivered , and the final unit will deliver the same performance of the original device.

Kind Regards

For Areton Ltd

Andreas Russo

Managing Director