There are key roles at areton and some of them qualify for the “Golden Contributor”. Those are great contributing individuals who have worked full time at areton and have a role in which they are willing to go beyond their job description and are self-driving, problem solvers and great team contributors.

After one full year remote employment if the individual has shown the self-driving initiative we require on our team, she/he will be awarded the “Golden Contributor” title.

This means that during the following financial year she/he will be entitled to profit sharing.

How does the profit sharing work?

If at the end of the full year you have been given this title, the following year (provided that you are still in employment as a full-time member) you will receive 1% pretax profit extra compensation. The amount of the pre-profit figure is whichever profit amount is lower between the previous and the current year. Please note that if the contributor quits of falls behind in his/her expectations the profit sharing will be waved.

This means that if the profit declines in the following year the percentage applied is on the lower profit of the current year. In case the Profit increases the amount will apply to the current year increased profit.

For example, if you have been awarded the Golden Contributor title in 2017, you will receive your 1% at the end of the financial year of 2018. The accounts for the financial year of 2018 are made in 2019 so you will receive the 1% profit sharing in 2019.  If the pretax profit has increased in 2018 compared to 2017 the 1% will be applied to the higher profit of 2018. In case the profit has decreased in 2018 the 1% will be applied to the lower profit of 2018.


How many positions do you have in the profit sharing scheme available?

We have 20 positions! This makes up for a give away of 20% of our profits to our golden contributors.

How do we judge your performance?


  1. Teamwork comes first. No great results have been obtained by a single individual. This is a fact and we recognise it. This is why we value your availability in helping the other team members when they need it. So help the other team member if they ask you.
  2. Be driven to add value to your project. Ask yourself how can I add value. We have you! It is not only your logical abilities we are looking for, we are looking for a decision maker, great contributors come with their own creative solutions to each roadblock.
  3. Move your tasks forward every day until completion. Each task seems like a large mountain at the start, but if you just place one foot in front of the other every day there is nothing you cannot achieve. This is not a short 100 meters sprint race, this is a marathon!
  4. Plan your next day the night before.
  5. Ask others if you are stuck. Do not hesitate a second, we are working together!
  6. Measure the tangible results of the day. The tangible results are the actual progress made in the project on the day.


How can I be sure I will get it?

Please note that Areton we try to retain the bet contributors in our remote team. The results we get are mainly due to the work quality of our team. Therefore it is in our own interest to retain the best talent over time. And this is a way to convince you to stay with us. Therefore it is in Areton own interest to make sure you get what you deserve.