There had been two collapses.

1 major occurred in September 2023 and another

2 At the end of October 2023 and continued until end of November 2023.

Both incidents were covered by two insurance policies.

1. One that I bought in June 2023 as a buyer once I exchanged, subject to planning. The buyer’s insurance.

2.the other is the sellers’ insurance policy that was still valid when both incidents occurred. This is the seller’s insurance policy.

There are two insurance policies on the building at the time of the incident. One is the buyers’ policy. The buyer is Andreas Investments Ltd.

The real cause of the first collapse was an explosion, as proven in our report.

The second partial collapse was caused by the first (September 2023), it means that without the first incident the second slow collapse would not have occurred.

For details of the event you can access the web page below, this is a document that we are slowly preparing ahead of the court case and it is under construction. However, it can provide an overview of the events: (password: “12345”)

Insurance incident

The buyer completed the purchase on the 7th Of November 2023. Today the buyer is the current owner and beneficiary of both insurance policies.

The value of the claim ranges between 400 to 500K


The Buyer’s insurance policy is here

Policy Schedule

Policy Summary

Policy Wording

Statement of Fact

The Buyer’s insurance report on the incident is here.

This report is full of falsehoods to try and deny liability

Click to download The Buyer’s insurance biased report

Seller’s insurance

Seller’ Insurance – 68 Harold Street


Here is the evidence that Andreas investment’s Ltd is the beneficiary of the seller’s insurance policy after purchase completion.

It is important to note that the seller’s insurance company refuses to communicate with the legal beneficiary.

Letter from JCL-MLS20231026145426962


What we need is:
1Legal Representation
2some basic advice on what documentation to prepare for to build the case. Like Witness statements,, engineer’s reports , etc.