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This product is made by a certified European Lab on Behalf Of Areton LTD. The Bei Gel is Exclusive of Areton Ltd in the UK.

The Bigel is sterile because it has been designed to be used on the skin immediately after undergoing aesthetic treatments like:

Laser resurfacing

Plasma Resurfacing

Plasma Eyelid tightening

Deep cosmetic peels

The skin immediately after thesetypes of easthetic treatments is very “receptive” all the active ingredients f the bei gel. Thereore, this allows a deelp and very effective penetration of the active ingredients that are to stimulate the skin in one way or another.

The Bei Cream is made  by a “base” excipient  sterile Syringe.


  • Soothing after laser of plasma skin tightening (including eyelid tightening)
  • It is ideal to soothe the area after the induced skin burn of deep laser treatments, plasma treatment, . The potent soothing effects makes this product unique in the sense that the client feel a potent cooling sensation as the gel is applied on the area. Upper eyelid lift, Plasma localised skin tightening.
  • This product also addresses is the long down time after most plasma

What is different about this product.

The Bei Gel is made in two independent sterile syringes having two different types of ingredients. One syringe has its the pre-treated hyaluronic acid (excipient) and the other has the active potent soothing active ingredients. The content of both syringes cannot be readymixed as the product cannot be ready mixed as it is not stable for long enough to be used effectively. The fact that is is mixed at the very moment of the application in front of the client ensure that none of the active ingredients has decayed and the product has its full potent soothing power action. Both syringes and the whole set are sterile and opened at the very moment of use of the product. This also makes this product suitable after deep facial treatments.


Why is the BeiGel is not ready mixed and it is mixed immediately before applying it?

Bei gel is mixed on the spot by the aesthetic practitioner. The active ingredients of this particular product cannot be premixed because they lose stability. Therefore mixing it


Hyaluronic acid treatment.

It has been demonstrated that Hyaluronic acid of Low Molecular weight 50 K dalton, medium and high has potent soothing properties.

The excipient present is not common hyaluronic acid. the his is an ingredient used as excepient (also knwn for its for its shooting properties).The main  issue of hyaluronic acid is its large molecules which does not allow deep penetration in the skin,  Therefore in this product the hyaluronic acid has been treated to break its large molecules allowing a deeper penetration int o the skin. The Hyaluronic acid also serves as a conveyor of the potent soothing ingredients of the other syringe containing the active soothing ingredients.

Double action and potent soothing action.

1 Allows the intrinsic properties of the hyaluronic acid to be effective in penetrating inside the skin and also the hyaluronic acid itself which has very well known soothing properties. The molecules are broken down by the Sonic treatment of the product.
2 it
4 molecualr weights at different low dimentions to allow effective penetration of the active ingredients . The Yluronic acid opnes the pores of the skin alowing the product to make way to the active ingredients of the second syringje. The


The active ingredients are very effective and proven to be effective. They are mixed in front of the client because this particualr prodcut cannot be premixed as the active ingredients are not stable for a long tiem if premixed and therefore decay quite quickly. The only solution is to mixethem at the very moment of use. In this way there is no time for the product to decay when the various proctu is . re not stable if mixed therefore they have

How is the porduct Made
The prodcut in its indivicdual syrinje is made in bulkin our ISO approved lab. The it is shippen in a controlled cold containners to the sterilisation and packaging factiry in Italy. Then the final sterile product is sent to us ready to be shippen to you on demand.