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Whole Counter Mode

One of the most important functions in the new Beauty device with plasma is the whole counter mode. The market is the lack of digital electronic control of this device in terms of the duration of the arc. Duration of the arc is one of the most important points in the use of this type of devices for aesthetic purposes. Because the duration of the arc will have repercussions on the amount of energy you put into the skin and then if you actually place whatever arc or whatever frequency and whatever power label for long enough, you can actually go into the bone. For example, if you have got a very low power arcing device and you place the arc for long enough, for example, 20 seconds, you make your bets you are going into the bone.

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Basically the new function is called the whole counter, so what you are able to do is to precisely and digitally control the timing of the arc. Why is that important? This is important because at this time the arc is controlled either using a button or using your own hands and the counting mechanism is your eyes and you’re not able to count the millisecond and also your hands are not as precise either whereas a computer is and we have made this available in our new device.

You are now able to set the exact timing of the arcing and the energy will be delivered in digitally controlled system. The longer you are actually applying the arc the more energy you are applying on the skin and in the shortest time the less energy you are applying into the skin. you are unable to perfect measurement of arc whereas a computer does. This is the most accurate and safest energy delivering device in the market because you are not relying on your eyes, on your hands or on your judgment—instead you are relying on a computer for the duration of the arc .


How ARC Works?

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  • The target time is set 600 milliseconds for arcing in whole counter mode. We want the exact duration of the arc to be 600 milliseconds and then to shut off.
  • You have the arc in the region of 200 milliseconds. As our hands are not very precise or you may move your hands inadvertently, then the arc will shut off and when the arc is off then the counter stops counting.

  • There are 400 milliseconds to keep the arc on and again it is managed to get the arc on for 50 milliseconds because your hand is not very good and trembling, so the arc again switched off inadvertently for in the region of 10 milliseconds.

  • Because of repeatedly on and off, the computer counts 200 plus 50 plus 60 which is 310 milliseconds. As because the timing is set for 600 milliseconds, the tip of the device will not shut off and wait for another 290 milliseconds of timing in order to shut off.

  • When you move your hand and you manage to get the arc on, if it is on then after remaining 290 milliseconds the device will automatically shuts off .