Address :

To Aldi

12-14 Walker Avenue

Stratford Office Village

Wolverton Mill

Milton Keynes

MK12 5TW

Date 07/03/2022

To Aldi Squires Gate Ln, Blackpool FY4 2AY

To the Store Manager and the Managing Director

Letter of impending of civil lawsuit.

I am writing to you in relation to the denial of service at the Aldi Store in Squires Gate Ln, Blackpool FY4 2AY. This has been perpetrated in a documented number of occasions by one of your store managers at the particular site.

Please note that we hold video and audio evidence of this denial of service as well as false accusations.

Our course of action will be as follow:

1publication off all video and audio recordings in our possession on the public domain.

2 the links of all the evidence will be made available to our lawyers who have been advising us on the liabilities Aldi is endorsing perpetrating this behavior by their employees.

We have not taken action yet because this takes time and we hoped this situation would have resolved itself. Unfortunately this is not the case at the time of writing of this letter.

If further false accusations (defamation) and denials of service be perpetrated then we have no choice other than taking this matter forward to the relative court of law for compensation. Also please bear in mind that each episode of discrimination and denial of service is subject to both summary fine and civil lawsuit.

We will continue our shopping at the above store and further evidence gathered in case further episodes of this type are continued.

Please note that each new episode increase the liability endorsed my Aldi. Each episode will be properly documented.

We encourage Aldi to seek independent legal advise on the matter and stop the above discriminatory and unlawful behavior. No action has been taken yet but if this persists we have no choise other than take the matter further as mentioned above,

Kind Regards

Andreas Russo

Managing Director of Areton Ltd and Andreas Investments Ltd


PS you will find copy of this letter on our website () for future reference should this be necessary. Additionally all evidence as well as context will be published and made available to the public