Age spots removal using the BeautyTeck.

Age spots are also referred to as senile lentigos. They develop on those areas more exposed to direct sunlight, hands, forearms, face legs etc. They are completely benign and there are many treatments available to remove them. The treatment with the BeautyTeck treatment is one of them.

Senile lentigos

Senile lentigos

At Areton we offer a range of treatments to remove them. One of them is thermapeeling using the BeautyTeck.

The treatment involves performing a slight ablation of the top layer of the skin. In this way the pigments of the brown spots will be removed in stages.

Agespots before and after.

Agespots removal treatment, before and after.

Since the pigments of the agespots are dermal and often involve the hypodermis it is not advisable to remove these pigmented areas in one session as doing do could affect the dermis and increase the risks of scarring. Therefore the preferred way to remove them by using the beautyteck is the use of a number of therma peeling sessions.


In the vido above we explain why it is preferred to perform a number of treatments to remove the brown spots using the BeautyTeck (Electrical or Voltaic plasma).

If you would like to book a session of browm spot removal using the beautyTeck please do not hesitate to get in touch.