Areton Ltd Managing Director is Andreas Russo

Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

Formal Qualifications: Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering From Strathclyde University obtained in June 2005.


Professional Experience

January 2017 – Current

Managing Director and 100 % owner of Andreas Investemnts Ltd

Acquisition and development of key real estate assets throughout the UK.

Total  asset Portfolio Valued at over 1 million pounds as 2023.



January 2015 – Current

Managing Director and 100% owner of Areton Ltd

Leading Product Designer and Trainer For Areton LTD.

Managing Director of Andreas Investments Ltd

Creator of the top online training platform for plasma devices.

Creator of the BeautyTeck website.

Author of several books sold worldwide, see amazon for details

Management and ownership of 24 rental units in the UK

Development of the Xanthremover sales worldwide over 10000 units sold

Creation of Salisoap sold in several countries

Creation os the Areton Ultimate Shampoo bars


July 2012 to Dec 2014

Design of and manufacturing set up for the BeautyTeck product and video production for the online training published on the Areton Ltd online Channels.

Creation of and

May 2010  to June 2012

Real Estate development in the UK.


November 2007 – April 2010

SDC Industries UK Sales Manager


  • Sourcing new business from clients throughout the UK.
  • Attending visits with potential customers in order to acquire new business.
  • Writing sales proposals, sales contracts etc.
  • Undertaking the full sales life-cycle from inception to closing.
  • Developing and selling new company products. (I have developed the VoltageMaster product range now sold to Cinpart i.e. Active Energy)
  • Managing and training new sales staff within my team.
  • Ascertaining the strengths of each sales team member and capitalise on those attributes.

Achieved £262K personal turnover during the first year.
Achieved £1.57 Million personal turnovers in the second year. This is more than 50% of the overall company turnover (the company turns over 3 million per year on average). Profit to the company was in excess of £600K.
Total earnings during the last financial year were £76K before tax.


January 2007 – November 2007

Export Sales Manager ProvenEnergy.  Company bankrupted in 2011 due to gross mismanagement. Assets acquired by KingSpan


  • Identifying new sales opportunities and business partners within the European market and worldwide.
  • Negotiating and formulating business agreements.
  • Setting sales targets for the local business partners, offering discounted rates and payment terms.
  • Undertaking the full sales life-cycle from acquiring leads to managing new accounts.
  • Tracking orders until they are shipped out from the factory.
  • Ensuring complaints are readily handled and resolved.
  • Responding to international technical inquiries and turning them into sales opportunities by verbal research and general client interaction.


  • Achieved record sales in International Exports on three separate occasions.
  • Won over 45% of ProvenEnergys total new business orders in May and August.
  • Brought in £ 400,000 worth of new business as at August 2007.
  • Increased growth rate by 250% on previous years exports.
  • The first order for £ 55000 received after 4 weeks on the job.

Left position early due to gross mismanagement which then led to company bankruptcy 2011.


October 2005-November 2006

Kelman Ltd International Business Exporter. The company acquired by GE in 2008.


  • Conducting market research of key companies.
  • Creating new leads in Spanish speaking countries and Brazil.
  • Making contact with the decision makers within the company.
  • Undertaking sales presentations to company directors both in Spanish and Portuguese followed by technical demonstrations.
  • Addressing queries and objections effectively. Turning around objections into an opportunity to close a sale.
  • Formulate adequate pricing for key customers. Making offers based on the company budget for the year.


Academic Background

The 2003-2005 University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with European studies

Fifth-year group project title: “High-resolution ultrasonic scanner for medical and NDA applications”. Subjects studied: Energy Conversion & Drives, Power Systems Analysis & Design, Communications Theory, Electricity Market & System Economics, Computer Vision, High Voltage Technology, Finance 2, High Voltage Protection Systems.

Fourth-year individual project title: “transient characteristics of fibre lasers and applications in intracavity spectroscopy”. Subjects studied: Communications Networks, Robotics, Digital Signal Processing, Photonics, Engineering Analysis, Photonic Networks, Mobile Communication Systems, and Advanced DSP for Communications.

Third year at University of Palermo (Italy) and the University of Valencia (Spain) on Erasmus exchange. Subjects covered in Italian: Computer Science, Electronic Measurement, Electromagnetic Fields and Signal Theory. Classes covered in Spanish: Statistics and Probability, Design of Electronic Systems, Laboratory of Microwaves for Telecommunications and Advanced Electronic Systems.

Group projects are undertaken in Spain: Design and programming of video file encoder using TMS320X (Texas Instruments). Design of light detector using a microcontroller.


Underlining Skills and Other Achievements

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I have developed these abilities due to my high-quality education pursued in Italy, Spain and Scotland. My B2B worldwide sales experience have dramatically improved my skills as I am required to persuade senior company executives in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Work under minimal supervision. My previous roles require me to work on my own under no supervision since these jobs are sales target orientated. Additionally, the outcome of my academic individual projects has already emphasized this ability.

Business acumen and extraordinary ability to read people.

Financial Freedom.