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10 Surprising Charcoal Soap Benefits For Your Skin

Charcoal Soap


  • Charcoal soap has many benefits for the skin, including cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.
  • It can help remove toxins from the skin and improve complexion.
  • Charcoal soap can help smooth skin, but to reduce wrinkles you should also use a retinol-based product like this clinically proven soap bar


Charcoal soap has become increasingly popular in recent years for its many skin benefits. Charcoal has been used for centuries for purification purposes and is known for its ability to draw out impurities. When charcoal is incorporated into soap, it provides the soap with cleansing, exfoliating, and clarifying properties that can improve the health and appearance of skin.

The charcoal used in these soaps is activated charcoal, which is charcoal that has been processed to increase its absorption capacity. Activated charcoal has a negative electric charge, which allows it to bond to and pull positively charged dirt and impurities out of skin pores. This gives charcoal soap the ability to deeply cleanse skin.

Charcoal soap has also gained popularity for its potential anti-aging benefits. Charcoal is very porous and absorbs toxins and chemicals that can accelerate skin aging. Using charcoal soap may help improve skin cell turnover and circulation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As more people discover the unique benefits of charcoal soap for attaining clean, clear, youthful-looking skin, these soaps have moved from niche to mainstream. The market for charcoal soap continues to grow as people seek natural products that can thoroughly cleanse skin without stripping essential oils or leaving skin feeling dry.

1. Deep Cleansing Properties

Charcoal soap is known for its deep cleansing properties. The charcoal powder in the soap has an incredible ability to draw out dirt, oil, and other impurities from the pores.

When used on the skin, the charcoal binds to toxins, chemicals, and dirt. As you rinse the soap off, all those impurities get washed away, leaving your skin super clean.

Charcoal soap can reach deep into the pores to remove even stubborn blackheads and acne-causing bacteria. By getting rid of excess oil and grease, it helps prevent future breakouts too.

Many people with oily skin find charcoal soap helps regulate oil production. Using it a few times per week leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, and less oily.

The deep cleansing properties make charcoal soap ideal for acne-prone skin. However, it’s beneficial for all skin types, including normal, dry, and sensitive. After rinsing off the soap, be sure to moisturize so your skin doesn’t feel too dry.

2. Exfoliating Benefits

Charcoal soap is known for its exfoliating properties. The charcoal particles in the soap provide a gentle physical exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin’s surface. This helps reveal brighter, smoother skin underneath.

Exfoliation is key for healthy, radiant skin. As we age, our skin’s cell turnover rate slows down dramatically. Dead skin cells build up on the surface, causing the complexion to appear dull and flaky. Charcoal soap helps speed up this turnover process by sloughing off those dead skin cells.

The exfoliation also allows the charcoal to penetrate deeper into pores to draw out dirt, oil and bacteria. With regular use, charcoal soap can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The newly revealed smooth skin better reflects light, giving you a youthful glow.

Charcoal’s exfoliating action makes it ideal for those with oily and acne-prone skin. By keeping pores clear of dead cells and excess oil, it helps reduce breakouts. The exfoliation also allows other beneficial ingredients in charcoal soap, like tea tree oil, to penetrate and have better effects.

So if you want brighter, smoother, clearer skin, look for a charcoal soap with a fine grit to gently exfoliate and renew your complexion. Just be sure not to over-exfoliate, as this can cause irritation. Use a charcoal scrub just 2-3 times per week for best results.

3. Helps Treat Acne

Charcoal soap can be very beneficial for people struggling with acne. The charcoal has strong absorbent properties that help draw out impurities from the skin. By absorbing excess oil and reducing breakouts, charcoal soap helps treat and prevent acne.

The charcoal binds to dirt, bacteria, and other substances on the skin that clog pores and cause acne. Using a charcoal soap helps gently exfoliate the skin to remove this debris and unclog pores. The anti-bacterial properties of charcoal also help kill acne-causing bacteria.

With regular use, charcoal soap can significantly improve acne and create a clearer, smoother complexion. The deep cleansing action helps prevent new breakouts by managing oil production and keeping pores clear. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, switching to a charcoal soap can make a real difference.

4. Poison Absorber

Charcoal has a unique ability to absorb toxins and chemicals from the skin. This is due to its porous structure and large surface area that provide ample binding sites for substances to attach to.

When applied topically, activated charcoal binds to environmental pollutants, bacteria, dirt, and chemicals before they can penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers. It acts like a magnet, trapping impurities and allowing them to be washed off.

Some of the substances charcoal can help remove include:

  • Chlorine from swimming pools
  • Pesticides and insecticides
  • Heavy metals like mercury and lead
  • Chemicals found in cosmetics
  • Bacterial waste products on the skin that contribute to body odor

Dermatologists often recommend using charcoal along with clay masks or soaps for this detoxifying effect. It provides a deep cleanse that removes pore-clogging debris. Those with oily, acne-prone skin tend to see the greatest benefits from using charcoal for its toxin and dirt extracting abilities.

With regular use, charcoal soap can help minimize breakouts and improve skin clarity by keeping the pores free of excess sebum, makeup residues, and environmental pollutants that can cause congestion. Its absorbent nature helps create a fresher, healthier complexion.

5. Reduces Pore Size

Charcoal soap can help reduce the size of pores over time. The charcoal works as an absorbent, pulling out dirt, oil and impurities from deep within pores. This helps to unclog pores and prevent them from becoming stretched and enlarged.

As charcoal soap cleans out pores, it also has a slight astringent effect, causing the pores to tighten. With regular use, this leads to a normalization and reduction of pore size. Those with oily skin or enlarged pores often see a noticeable improvement after using charcoal soap. The pores appear smaller, cleaner and less visible.

Some dermatologists recommend charcoal soap as a way to minimize pores naturally, without harsh chemical treatments. The soap’s pore-tightening abilities also make it helpful for preventing blackheads and breakouts. By keeping pores clear of debris and tightening their structure, charcoal soap helps maintain smooth, healthy looking skin.

Charcoal Soap

6. Anti-Aging Properties

Charcoal soap has powerful anti-aging properties that can help rejuvenate skin. The carbon molecules in activated charcoal have the ability to bind to toxins and remove them from the skin’s surface. This helps clean out pores and minimize their appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Additionally, charcoal improves blood circulation in the skin. Increased blood flow provides vital nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, keeping them healthy and youthful. The nutrients delivered boost collagen production, which firms skin and diminishes signs of aging. Charcoal’s exfoliating properties also slough off dead skin cells, revealing fresher and smoother looking skin underneath.

With regular use, charcoal soap can even out skin tone and texture. By drawing impurities from the skin, it can reduce discoloration and blemishes caused by pollution exposure. The deep cleansing and circulation boosting effects let your natural radiance shine through for a glowing, youthful complexion.

7. Balances Skin pH

Charcoal soap helps bring your skin’s pH to its ideal slightly acidic level. The outer layer of skin has an acidic mantle with a pH between 4.5-6.5. This acidity acts as a protective barrier against bacteria, viruses, and other potential skin irritants. It also helps regulate moisture levels to keep skin properly hydrated.

Many factors like pollution, sun exposure, and use of alkaline skin care products can disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance. When skin becomes too alkaline, its barrier function weakens. This allows moisture loss and increases sensitivity.

Charcoal soap contains compounds that help lower skin pH. As it gently cleanses, it brings your skin back to a healthy mildly acidic state. This strengthens the protective acid mantle to lock in moisture and ward off germs and irritants. Balanced pH also optimizes the environment for beneficial skin microbes. With the right pH, good bacteria can thrive and keep bad bacteria in check.

By rebalancing skin’s pH, charcoal soap helps restore your skin’s natural defenses. Your acid mantle will provide optimal protection and keep your skin in great condition.

8. Moisturizing Benefits

Charcoal soap has excellent moisturizing properties that hydrate skin without leaving an oily residue. The activated charcoal draws moisture into the skin, while allowing excess oils to be washed away. This gives a clean, refreshed feeling without drying out the skin.

Charcoal is very porous and absorbs water easily. When used in soap, it helps deliver hydration deep into the skin’s surface. People with dry skin often find charcoal soap improves skin’s moisture levels and suppleness.

Unlike many store-bought bars, charcoal soap contains no harsh detergents that strip away natural oils. It gently cleanses while retaining skin’s natural moisture balance. The soap lifts dirt from pores without disrupting the hydrolipidic film that keeps skin soft and supple.

Charcoal soap also increases circulation, which improves distribution of nutrients and hydration throughout the skin. Better circulation means a healthy, glowing complexion.

So if you want a soap that leaves skin clean and moisturized, without being oily or dry, charcoal soap is an excellent choice. It’s moisturizing without being messy or greasy.


Charcoal soap offers a variety of benefits for the skin that make it a valuable addition to any skincare routine. The key benefits covered in this article include:

  • Deep cleansing properties that remove dirt, oil, and impurities from pores
  • Natural exfoliating ability to remove dead skin cells
  • Helps treat and prevent acne breakouts
  • Absorbs toxins and chemicals from skin
  • Reduces the size of enlarged pores
  • Anti-aging properties from antioxidants that protect the skin
  • Balances oily and dry skin by regulating pH levels
  • Provides moisturizing benefits to soothe and hydrate the skin

Those with oily, acne-prone skin can benefit the most from using charcoal soap. The deep cleansing and toxin absorbing properties make it great for targeting breakouts and excess oil. It’s also helpful for those concerned with aging, as the antioxidants in charcoal soap protect the skin from free radical damage.

When using charcoal soap, apply it to damp skin and gently massage in circular motions before rinsing. Use it 1-2 times per day. Be careful not to over-dry the skin. Stay hydrated and follow up with a moisturizer if needed. Store charcoal soap in a dry place between uses to maintain its benefits.